Proposals for Platonic Assemblies

My dear friends, even though the internet is a convenient way to discover fantastic ideas and novel ways of thinking about ourselves and the universe around us, there is nothing that can replace the power of human interaction when trying to take these ideas and make them a reality in our lives, to convert ourselves from being tinkering speculators of concepts into becoming genuine philosophers with a serious transformative practice. For this, we need to meet in groups, either informally in occasional meetings or formally in a school or an academy.

∼ Current Proposals ∼

England ∼ The Prometheus Trust (offsite)

America ∼ North Texas

∼ Proposal Requests ∼

If you are interested in meeting groups in your area, or interested in starting up a study group or academy, please contact us at agathoeides at Please include a description of what you have in mind. We may post your proposals here, so that those individuals who may stumble across this domain may find Socratic home.